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Physical Conditioning:
An active lifestyle and a few miles of walking (with a weighted backpack will help) each week a few weeks before your trip should prepare you for any of the trips we offer.  Of course, we recommend seeking medical approval before you begin any exercise regimen and immediately seeking medical attention if you encounter any ill effects during your training.

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Hetch Hetchy Trips

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Yosemite Valley Backpackers Camp meeting place
for Early Season Trips and Half Dome Itineraries

  (increasingly close-up):

Tuolumne Meadows Backpackers Camp - meeting place for Heart of the Park Departures (July through Sept. Trips):

  (increasingly close-up):

For long distance travel after the trip:  all Yosemite trips provide you with access to the Backpackers Camp ($5 each) for the night after your trip so you can travel home rested the next day.  We recommend you make reservations at for a campsite at East
Fork Campground for the evening after the Inyo Trips.