Great Backpacking Pix

Me, Friends, and my beloved Mountains:
Pictures are copyrighted.  All rights reserved.
1.  Bear Creek Spire
2. Emigrant Wilderness
3.  Val in tent
4.  Cathedral Pk from Tressider
5.  Cathedral Pk, Yos
6.  Moonshine over Little Slide Canyon, Hoover Wilderness
7.  Gil Net Lake, Kings Canyon
8.  Upper Dike Cr., West of the Minnarettes
9.  Emigrant Cross Country
10.   Kerrick Meadow, Yos.
11. My favorite picture of Me
12.  Rae Lakes, Kings Canyon
13.  Dike Cr.
14.  Michael on JMT into Rae Lks., Kings Canyon
15.  John, Sixty Lakes Basin, Kings Canyon
16.  Shooting Stars, Tomahawk Lake, Humphrey's Basin
17.  Slide Canyon, Yos.
18.  Hyatt Lake, Emigrant Wilderness
19.  Above Cherry Cr., Emigrant Wilderness
20.  Moonrise over Little Slide Cyn, Hoover Wilderness
21.  Ottoway Pk, Yos
22.  Red Devil Lk., Yos
23.  To Talulah Lk., Yos
24.  Map & Compass at Parker Pass, Yos
25.  Parker Pass, Yos
26.  Gourmet Cooking
27.  Matthes Crest from Cockscomb, Yos
28.  Me altitude sick at 12,000 ft on the first night & still smiling
29.  Rick on Ritter Pass
30.  Ten Lakes Kitchen, Yos
31.  Women's Trip, Ansel Adams Wilderness
32.  Pride of the Mountain
Granite Blvd.
Top of Half Dome on the Half Dome Classic Trip 2004
"Get Out of Town"