About Sierra Spirit

We here at Sierra Spirit specialize in guiding new and experienced backpackers to world class destinations in Yosemite National Park and Inyo National Forest.  We know the nooks and crannies where the perfect campsites are off the beaten path, where to find water in low snow years and toward the end of the season, where to cross the streams for safe passage during the spring run-off, and how to get to those little out-of-the-way waterfalls and wonders that only lots of experience leads you to know. After our instruction, guests have gone on to take friends backpacking and to even backpack the whole John Muir Trail.

But more than nuts and bolts backpack guiding and instruction, we invite our guests to step into a fresh world of awareness and community in Nature's Grand Classroom. That's what sets us apart and keeps our guests returning trip after trip.  John Muir said, "Between every two pine trees lies a door to a new life." We here at Sierra Spirit believe that, too.

Karen Najarian, Owner/Manager of Sierra Spirit began leading backpackers for other companies in 1997. Her trips became so popular, that she outgrew their capabilities, and started Sierra Spirit. Along with her Sierra Spirit trips, she also ran the  REI Yosemite backpacking and program Lodge-based trips for 10 years. "We grew it from the first Yosemite trip of less than 5 to 260+ clients a summer on 28 trips with rave reviews and repeat guests bringing along friends and family."

Now, Karen and her guides are focusing on only Sierra Spirit trips in order to offer more personal and specialized adventures.  We here at Sierra Spirit are proud of the work we've done and are looking forward to sharing our mission:
to encourage guests to try something new, in a place they've never been, with guides and people they don't know, and to do it with the least possible stress.
to help you learn the skills you need to continue this sport on your own.
to teach skills experientially
to impart a new competence and confidence in self-sufficiency
to create a connection with the land
to live comfortably in the wilderness
to laugh more than you ever have
to perhaps create relationships that last beyond the trip
We hope you'll join us in an adventure of a lifetime.
In the Spirit of the Mountains!
- Karen Najarian, Owner/Manager of Sierra Spirit

For Trip Queeries or Reservations
email Karen, sierramaclure@sbcglobal.net

"Discover the Soul of the Sierra"